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From these pages you will find information of RADIEL-research and gestational diabetes.

Background of RADIEL-research

The research which started in 2008 studies the effects of preventive lifestyle intervention on gestational diabetes and other pregnancy related complications. In addition we investigate the health effects, such as risk of developing type 2 diabetes, or cardiovascular disease among women and their children later in life. The research also studies how pregnancy factors are related to the overall development, temper and other psychological features of the child.

RADIEL 4-6 year follow-up study

This study aims to find the effects of the intervention on the child's and mothers long term health, 4-6 years after giving birth and participating in the first part of the study. There will be one or two examination visits which include measurements made by the research nurse and blood samples. The participants will get information for example about their lipid and glucose levels, sleep and physical activity level and body composition. On top of this, there is a possibility to take part in an oral and dental research which corresponds to a traditional dental examination. From this part the participants will get feedback about possible infections and general oral condition.

Accomplishment of the follow-up

The mothers who participated in RADIEL and the children born during the intervention will be invited to the follow-up when the child is between three and five years. Primarily there will be separate examination visits for the mother and the child. This time we will also invite the fathers who are able to participate with their own questionnaires. The information collected will be dealt with in confidence. The results are enrolled anonymously. The research has been granted the official permits by the authorities.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our research nurses.

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